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Does your company need to make an exciting new impression?

Are you looking for a way to attract new customers and distinguish yourself from your competition?

Do your customers or employees need to be educated about your product and its features?

Do you have software that needs to be updated so that it will run on a mobile device?

Left Brain Games, Inc. can educate, excite, and engage your employees or customers about your product or property.  We can help you make an engaging new impression, attract new customers, educate your employees, and distinguish yourself from your competition!
We can take your existing legacy software and update it so it can run on modern devices for far less than creating new software.

At Left Brain Games, Inc. we produce digital media for a wide variety of purposes. We can expand your brand awareness, give you a new level of marketing strength, or provide education software.  We emphasize quality and creativity. We always strive to produce the highest quality graphics, audio, and, most important gameplay that will have your audience returning.

Left Brain Games, Inc. was founded by a gaming veteran who loves to experiment with new technology. He formed a technology firm that creates innovative solutions exclusively to match individual business needs.  We understand custom software and have worked on virtually every kind of software engineering project - from traditional boxed software, digital download, game porting, mobile, web, database applications, etc.

"The Internet has been the most fundamental change during my lifetime and for hundreds of years."
- Rupert Murdoch, media mogul

The continuing growth in the web's evolution into a breeding ground for media-rich, interactive content presents a fertile environment for advergames, some of which are now very impressive in terms of graphics and gameplay. Web and mobile devices are increasingly becoming an entertainment hub, and advertising needs to adapt to reflect this - static banner ads are not enough. At the end of the day, consumers want content, not adverts.

Online advertising needs to keep pace to how consumers use the internet and the devices they use to display the content.  Content has become increasingly rich and interactive. More and more users want to control and share their online experiences, and advergaming plays well to this, particularly with the possibility of multiplayer games. It is becoming apparent that advergaming should be a part of any future advertising strategy.

The increase in the casual gamer demographic presents an ideal target market for advergaming, and those ISPs/portal providers with dedicated games channels should be actively looking into this area. However, it's important to remember that advergaming is all about engagement - in other words, attracting and keeping customers' attention.
The key engagement is to ensure the gaming content is of a high quality - consumers must not only enjoy playing an advergame, but voluntarily come back to it and actively recommend it to their friends and/or challenge their friends to beat their score via social media. 

Left Brain Games, Inc. has 10+ years of experience and offers you an exciting and engaging way to grab your customers' attention. Highly responsive and committed to the interactive development market, in short, Left Brain Games, Inc. provides our clients with the single best combination of experience, cost efficiency, content quality, and marketing results available anywhere in the world. Contact us for details!

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Education and e-Training

There’s a tsunami coming.”
-Stanford President, John Hennessey discussing the future of online education.

Left Brain Games, Inc. provides interactive content for a variety of educational clients, using Flash, Unity, and HTML to teach, test, inform, and reinforce learning. We create captivating games to reinforce awareness of concepts and terms. More advanced projects incorporate teaching and testing of textbook curriculum at many grade levels, from pre-school through college.

Whether it is as simple as updating an existing software product for new operating systems or building a totally new teaching system from the ground up, Left Brain Games, Inc. has the experience and expertise to provide the best solution for your budget and timeline.

Working with associated service vendors, with years of experience in formal education, animation, design, and project management, Left Brain Games, Inc. provides reliable and inexpensive solutions that are fun, creative, and engaging. Contact us for details!

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Left Brain Games, Inc. has collaborated with many agencies to produce healthcare branded products.  We have built games that have filled booths at medical conferences that utilize the Wii controller or balance board.

We designed and programmed virtual worlds that included character creation and development that teaches children about skin care and behaviors.  The virtual worlds included parental controls where they can limit the amount of time that children can play daily, give rewards for good behavior and control which games their children can play and with whom their children have contact. 

We also developed a mobile simulation application that teaches how to use new equipment, so that the medical equipment operator can experience what they will be seeing before they actually use the new equipment on a patient.

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Marketing & Ad Agencies

Marketing/Advertising Agencies

" It is clear that retailers need to move beyond just 'advertising' and a consumer-centric measure of engagement-based, integrated media, and cross-media consumption can facilitate that shift."
- Robert Passikoff, founder and president of Brand Keys, Inc.

Why are companies marketing their products using Advergaming?

"Advergaming is the practice of using games, particularly computer games, to advertise or promote a product, organization or viewpoint."
- Wikipedia

Advergaming normally falls into one of two categories. In the first, a company provides interactive games on its web site in the hope that potential customers will be drawn to the game and spend more time on the web site. Second, to simply become more product aware. The games themselves usually feature the company's products prominently.

The marketplace for Advergaming has been expanding rapidly and has exploded with the use of mobile devices.

Using games to inform a target audience has many benefits. First, the games themselves are designed to attract the attention of the target demographic. The marketing message becomes secondary to the fun factor. Much like commercials on TV, an online player can accept a commercial message in exchange for an engaging experience, as long as the advertisement does not overwhelm the game. Marketing your product in this manner will leave the player with a positive impression of your product as well as your company. Many companies know that just making the world aware of your product is difficult enough, but leaving them with a good feeling is even more valuable.

Attracting potential customers to your web site is difficult. Making your message rise above the static of the internet will take more than glorified whack-a-mole. It takes experience. An auto insurance company can profit from a game that teaches about their low rates with a bumper car simulation. A microbrew company can advertise their entire product line with Texas Holdem, slot machines, or bottle cap games. Marketing campaigns that tie your products to a fun experience are the newest and most powerful tool available in advertising.

Left Brain Games, Inc. has been producing interactive entertainment for 10+ years. Our staff has a combined multimedia experience of 50 years developing games and educational materials.

We can start with an existing advertising campaign and create games that enhance your message. We can help a client to develop a new promotional campaign. We can rework an existing game with your product information in a cost effective manner.

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"Every advertising campaign, irrespective of the size of the company, hinges on appealing to individuals. Why is this emphasis not shared when it comes to approaching online customers?"
- Malcolm Duckett, VP, Marketing and Operations, Speed-Trap

At Left Brain Games, Inc., we create entertaining games to convey the message of our clients. We believe that gameplay is essential to producing a fun game.  A fun game will compel your target audience to play again and again and encourage their friends to play.  We do that all the while remaining true to your brand and the message you want to present. We use the most modern development tools to create games.  Our software will keep your target audience entertained for hours while bringing your message home and delivering real results. 

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Need more than just another kiosk application? Using Unity 3D with external hardware, such as a Wii controller, balance boards, eye tracking, and programmable logic units, we can create an interactive experience that generates buzz and traffic around your kiosk, for tradeshows and training.

Call us for details!.